A Milestone Launch for HELPCAT

A Milestone Launch for HELPCAT


From (LEFT) HELP A level achievers Leow Tjun Wei, Yeow Yen Ting and Celeste Yen Ting have successfully gained entry for medicine to Trinity College Dublin in Ireland

HELP CAT reached a new milestone with the launch of its pre-university programmes, comprised of  A-Levels and Foundation Studies under one umbrella for easy access at its city campus, Fraser Business Park, KL.

Due to the success of the current A-level programme at HELP University, it was decided to launch A-levels at HELP CAT due to its location in the city and value for money in terms of the quality of its programme and teaching staff.

Samuel Lock, the newly appointed Head of the Pre-University programmes at HELP CAT said, “The A-level programme occupies a special place in the HELP Education Group due to its track record for outstanding results and also its designation as a Centre of Excellence awarded by Pearson Edexcel, the world’s leading A-level examining board.

The A-level qualification is certified gold standard due to its recognition internationally for entry to top universities and programmes internationally, including Oxford, Cambridge and the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US. The examining body for the HELP CAT A-levels, Edexcel International Advanced Level (IAL) has a flexible modular structure and Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics will be offered in the January 2017 intake.

The IAL modular system allows students to retake any module to improve the subject grade without repeating the entire level. The one and half year duration of the programme will cover 3 intakes in one year, January, March and July.

In 2014, HELP’s status as a Centre of Excellence was re-affirmed by Pearson Edexcel as 5 of its top A-level students were given the Pearson High Achiever Awards for their exceptional results.

“At HELP CAT, this quality, consistency and standards will be followed closely to achieve high performance results for those enrolling in the January 2017 intake,” said Sam, who himself had been a Mathematics lecturer at HELP University for 10 years before being appointed to head the pre-university programmes at HELP CAT.

Under the same umbrella of the Pre-University programme, the HELP Foundation provides another pathway for students to pursue a Foundation studies in Science (FSIS) or Arts (FSIA). Unlike A-levels, which is being run for the first time at HELP CAT, the HELP Foundation has been running at HELP CAT for a number of years.

With a programme structure that includes 11 subjects, the 12-month course is conducted over 3 semesters and is fully accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). HELP’s Foundation, recognized as an entry qualification to the world-class University of London International Programme (UOL) and also by over 40 universities, including those in the UK, Australia, Canada, US, Russia (for medical studies).

The FSIS subjects includes subjects such as English Language & Communication, Mathematics 101, Critical Thinking, Chemistry, Physics Biology and other science subjects. The FSIA subjects covers Economics, Accounting, Introduction to Information Systems and Statistics.

The mode of assessment is varied, not only academic and exam based but also consists of assignments, research projects mini-tests and group projects. Critical thinking is a compulsory subject in the programme to ensure students are prepared for undergraduate and have the necessary tools to excel in their own fields.

The HELP CAT Foundation has an excellent track record of good results as 5 of its students successfully obtained First Class Honours at the University of London International Programmes examinations in 2016.

For more information on the intake in Jan and March 2017, please call 03-2788 2000, email enquiry@helpcat.edu.my or visit HELP’s website http://www.HELPCAT.edu.my