Building an International career with ACCA

Building an International career with ACCA


Ong Zhi En, outstanding World Prize Winner for Foundation in Taxation, CAT, currently on scholarship at HELP CAT

Why study with ACCA? The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), founded in 1904 is today widely recognized globally as a professional qualification, with 188,000 members and 480,000 students in 180 countries. It remains a qualification sought after by those seeking a stellar career path in accountancy and finance as it is accepted in 181 countries and thus is the fastest growing profession.

With its headquarters in London, ACCA has built up a formidable reputation and recognition among accountancy and business fraternity throughout the world. In terms of recognition, the ACCA Professional Level qualification is equivalent to a Master degree in the United Kingdom.

High paying career options

It offers employment as auditors, corporate and management accountants, taxation experts, business managers, financial advisors and the list goes on. Currently it is one of the most highly paid professions because of the rigorous nature of the exams and the global shortage of accountants.


The Centre for Professional Accounting Programmes (CPAP) at HELP College of Arts and Technology (HELP CAT), successfully runs the Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) and ACCA programmes and has grown from a Gold Approved Learning Partner in 2011 to Platinum, joining an elite group of learning providers around the world.

Along the way, HELP CAT’S ACCA and CAT students have achieved accolades in terms of prizes in various categories in the ACCA and CAT exams.

Ong Zhi En won the 1st Placing in the World and in Malaysia in the CAT Foundation in Taxation paper in the June 2016 exam. She was awarded full scholarship by HELP CAT to pursue her CAT and ACCA qualifications.

Teh Hui Shian, was the best ACCA graduate in HELP CAT for 2014 at the age of 20. Another Malaysian prize winner for ACCA paper P3 (Business Analysis), Ivy Lau Sing Yee, achieved 13th placing in the world for the December 2014 examinations.

Tanzanian international student, Isabella Mwambalaswa, was another success story as she was the first international HELP CAT student to be a prize winner, also in the ACCA paper P3 (Business Analysis).

All of them were also the recipients of the ACCA achievement award at the HELP College of Arts and Technology Convocation on 9th May 2015, awarded by Baker Tilly, one of the leading international accounting firms in the world.

Head of Centre

The Head of CPAP programmes at HELP CAT, David Lam, is a Fellow member of ACCA since 1985 as well as member of the Malaysia Institute of Accountants since 1983. Among his experiences are Auditor in Accounting Firms, Financial Controller of Multi-National Corporation; Executive Director, Mergers and Acquisitions; Executive Director, Malaysian Institute of Accountants; Director of Marketing; Executive Director, China Operations.

With more than 40 years of professional and corporate experience, David is well-positioned to provide guidance and support with a high degree of professionalism to the ACCA students currently enrolled at HELP CAT.

David said the main mission of the ACCA programme at HELP CAT is to provide an all rounded professional accounting education in a city campus environment whereby the students can build worthy networking and intellectual competencies to become future professionals.

Institutional recognition

Currently, HELP CAT also acts as tuition provider for Yayasan Peneraju Pendidikan Bumiputra (Peneraju), a funding set up by the government of Malaysia to fast track Bumiputra SPM, A-level and Diploma students to become professional accountants, via the professional pathway.

Grooming future corporate leaders

Apart from excelling in their studies, ACCA students are active in their extra-curricular activities. Through active participation in the nurture and development activities organized by the students in the ACCA Club, the students are actively trained to be future corporate leaders with communication, decision making, and team working skills.

Among the best programmes for Return in Investment

ACCA is among the best programmes in terms of return on investment in education. Students can progress from SPM to ACCA within a period of 3 to 4 years at very competitive cost vis-à-vis local university programmes. Graduates can enter the workforce with a professional qualification that gives them many options in terms of a career in the accounting and finance field.

For admission in the ACCA programme: 2 principal passes in STPM/A-level plus 5 credits in SPM/O-level including in English and Mathematics or 5B’s in the UEC exam.
For admission in CAT (a foundational programme of the ACCA): 5 credits in SPM/O-level including in English and Mathematics.

In summary, the ACCA qualification is accepted worldwide. ACCA’s reputation is grounded in over 100 years of providing world class accounting and finance qualifications. It champions opportunity, diversity, innovation, integrity and accountability.

For more information on ACCA programme at HELP CAT please call 03-2788 2115 or email to:

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David Lam