Dr Robin Gowers delivers lecture on Global Perspectives at HELP CAT

Dr Robin Gowers delivers lecture on Global Perspectives at HELP CAT

Participants of the lecture.

(Front row): Dr Paolo Casadio, Dr Chan Teng Heng, Dr Robin Gowers, Ms Esther Hon and Mr Kunusilin P Marinuthu, along with the participants of the lecture.

HELP College of Arts and Technology (HELP CAT) continues to deliver world-class education to its students by bringing in prominent educators and lecturers from the Anglia Ruskin University (ARU), UK. This opportunity has allowed students to experience a taste of the UK education experience and teaching pedagogy within its own halls.

Dr Robin Gowers, a Senior Lecturer in the Leadership and Management Programme at the Lord Ashcroft  International Business School, ARU delivered a guest lecture titled ‘Macroeconomic Outlook for Asia from a European Perspective’ to enthusiastic ARU students at HELP CAT.

The lecture touched upon critical economic issues such as the recent exit from the European Union by the UK, major economic events worldwide, the power of money, the linking of economic theories to reality, as well as economic issues pertaining to the Asian demographics.

“It is crucial to understand what is happening out there in the market and to the economy as a whole, why there are monumental and unbelievable risks and opportunities, how will the economy affect future generations, and why Asia has one of the best economic positions,” said Dr Robin in his lecture.

Dr Robin claimed that we are living through the most perilous economic and financial era for generations. In the past, investments (whether by businesses or personally) would be made based on the ‘fundamentals’. He added, in the short term today this can virtually be forgotten about as central banks around the world utilise unconventional policies to try and aid the recovery. For example, in the UK the interest rate set by the Bank of England is the lowest in its history and it has had four rounds of quantitative easing totaling £375bn – that is around £6,148 for each person in the UK. Truly, one of the greatest monetary experiments ever.

Through his series of lectures, Dr Robin hopes to provide a Western perspective on economic and financial issues to students. His lecture covered a broad economic time frame, from the development of economic history to the recent global depressions and recessions. Dr Robin also advised students to look into and beyond the burgeoning economic issues and to take advantage of those downturns as it provides immense opportunities in untapped economic territories.

“It is a great time for students to study and pursue economics. If I was in your position, I would study finance, economics, and mathematics. I would look into studying abroad and getting a good internship — basically, anything that would make me stand out as far as employers are concerned,” said Dr Robin, concerning the career prospects of economics students.

Dr Robin

Dr Robin Gowers delivering his lecture ‘Macroeconomic Outlook for Asia from a European Perspective’ to HELP CAT students.

Dr Robin serves as a link tutor for the ARU programmes at HELP CAT and is involved in strategizing and managing the economic, finance, and business modules. He will be teaching students from the business and economic programmes and hopes to return to HELP CAT for further guest lectures every semester.

HELP CAT offers three ARU business programmes, namely the Bachelor of Science (Hons) Accounting and Finance, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Business Management, and Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Marketing. All three programmes are 3+0 programmes where students are able to pursue and obtain their UK degree locally at HELP CAT.

Undergraduate students who register for the ARU programmes at HELP CAT are also entitled to the ‘Cambridge Experience’, a two-week visit to the ARU campus in Cambridge. Students can attend lectures, meet ARU faculty members, build a network of international contacts and savour the intellectual ambience of the historic city university.

ARU is one of the largest UK public universities in the East of England and boasts 150 years of innovative education and academic excellence. It has four campuses in the UK – Cambridge, Chelmsford, Peterborough and London. The Lord Ashcroft International Business School is an award-winning business school located in Cambridge and Chelmsford. It is also one of the largest business schools within the East of England region and has a highly dynamic and diverse community of scholars, academics and staff.

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