HELP CAT diplomas lead to fast and cost-effective degree pathways

HELP CAT diplomas lead to fast and cost-effective degree pathways

Jacqueline Hoe and family

Star achiever, Jacqueline Hoe scored 4 A* in her A-Levels (HELP Academy), obtained the maximum CGPA 4.0 in her HELP CAT Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and was admitted to UQ to complete her degree.

All around the world education has always been a priority in any developed nation. In an effort towards globalisation and providing opportunities for our students, HELP College of Arts and Technology (HELP CAT) has established strong relationships with numerous world-class university partners such as the University of Queensland (UQ) in Australia and Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) in the UK, to name a few.

The high standards and exceptional quality of HELP CAT diploma programmes are recognised and well regarded by their foreign partner universities. This has led to special articulation arrangements with these universities, where HELP CAT graduates can continue their higher education via twinning programmes or credit transfer options for selected programmes upon completion of their HELP CAT diploma programmes.

These articulations not only allow students to fast track their education and obtain their degree in the shortest amount of time, it is also extremely cost-effective as students have the option to spend less years overseas, hence reducing the amount of money that they would have otherwise spent.

HELP CAT offers a diverse range of diploma programmes. The two flagship programmes of the IT department are Diploma in Business Information Systems and Diploma in Computer Science, while the Engineering department delivers two diploma programmes: Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

One of the strongest diploma programmes in HELP CAT is the Diploma in Computer Science. Students who complete their Diploma in Computer Science in HELP CAT can transfer into the third year of the Bachelor of Information Technology at UQ, and thus receiving their undergraduate degree within three years of studies instead of the usual four to five years. It is the shortest pathway for students to obtain a high quality degree from a respectable and world-class university after completing their SPM.

HELP CAT also has exciting and attractive articulation pathways with ARU. Students who are interested in obtaining a UK degree but would prefer a more cost saving pathway can choose the ARU pathway. Students who complete their Diploma in Business Information Systems in HELP CAT can choose to complete their ARU degree locally in HELP CAT. This option allows students to obtain a UK degree without the need of living in the UK.

All students who register for the ARU programmes at HELP CAT will be eligible for a two-week subsidised visit (accommodation and airfare provided) to the ARU campus in Cambridge to experience British university life. They will attend lectures and seminars, meet ARU faculty members and students, and tap into a network of international contacts. HELP CAT diploma students who enrol for the ARU programmes also qualify for this programme known as ‘The Cambridge Experience’.

The Engineering department of HELP CAT also has a strong articulation pathway with UQ, Australia. Upon completing their Diploma in Electrical Engineering at HELP CAT, students can choose to advance to either Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) (Electrical) or Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) (Electrical and Computer) in UQ, Australia. They are also able to transfer their credits to other universities such as the University of Tasmania and University of Adelaide in Australia, as well as the ARU programmes.

Engineering students can also opt for HELP CAT’s Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. Upon completion of their diploma, students can then transfer to UQ to obtain their Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) (Mechanical). Alternatively, they can choose to pursue a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Mechanical Engineering at ARU, locally at HELP CAT.

Apart from the attractive articulation pathways with prestigious universities, there are many other benefits to pursuing a HELP CAT diploma programme. HELP CAT diploma programmes allow students to build a solid background in highly competitive industries such as engineering, computer science and information technology. Students who complete their diploma with HELP CAT will also have the flexibility to join the workforce immediately or continue pursuing their undergraduate degrees, locally or internationally.

HELP CAT diploma programmes are structured to delve into their subject matters immediately. Students will be exposed to the modules and courses of their specialisation from the start of their programme. A three-month internship is also built into the diploma programme, allowing students to have genuine workplace experience and establish networks that will help them secure jobs in the future.

Furthermore, HELP CAT diploma programmes are taught by a team of highly qualified lecturers with many years of teaching experience and ample corporate experience. Most of the lecturers are equipped with Masters and doctoral degrees in their specialised fields, with some conducting research and producing article publications for top tiered and high impact journals.

HELP CAT’s long line of graduates are a testament to the quality of their diploma programmes. Kitson Lim, a Diploma in Computer Science student who has scored a CGPA of 3.90 out of 4.00, is the most recent of HELP CAT’s top achievers. His outstanding achievement has led to him to pursue a Bachelor of Computer Science at HELP CAT.

Another one of HELP CAT’s proud achievers is Jacqueline Hoe, a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering student who received a CGPA 4.00 out of 4.00 during her first year at HELP CAT. She is currently pursuing her bachelor at the University of Queensland, Australia.

HELP CAT is an innovative and forward-looking college offering a variety of academic and professional programmes, including those in partnership with leading universities and institutions from across the globe. It offers a vibrant and multicultural study experience, with a truly international ambience.

HELP CAT has three intakes each year for their IT and engineering diploma programmes, and their upcoming intake will be in April 2017.

For more information on HELP CAT diploma programmes, please visit or call 03-2788 2000.