HELP CAT welcomes Korean Guests and Students

HELP CAT welcomes Korean Guests and Students

Korean students attend Dining Etiquette course

Oh Chung Gi and Han Suk Hee

Oh Chung Gi (centre) and Han Suk Hee (right) take soup the right way: lift the spoon up to
the mouth and not bend down to scoop it. Chung Gi, a martial arts major at Daeduk,
is doing his military service, while Suk Hee is in Electrical Engineering Year 2.

A group of 30 exchange students from Daeduk University, Korea were treated to a dining etiquette course as well as lunch by the Centre for Culinary Entrepreneurship and Hotel Management.  The workshop was conducted by Head Chef Lecturer Mohammed Razif.

Chef Razif (at far end) introduces the course.

Immaculate table arrangement and layout prepared for the course.

If you spill something at a restaurant, what should you do?
“Signal the waiter” – Chef Razif.

A useful lesson from Chef Razif: “Fork in the right hand, knife in the left;
control both utensils with the index finger and thumb.”

A wefie in appreciation of good service: Chung Gi snaps a
picture with Hasan Mehadi from Bangladesh
(Dip Hotel Management, Year 2).


Why Chung Gi is pleased with the service: he got a double
serving of the delicious Vietnamese spring roll and salad
starter from Hasan.

Maeng So Hyeon (Mechanical Eng Year 1) got a special dessert
serving of HELP CAT’s famed macaroons from the kitchen.

At the end of the course, Chef Razif proudly presents his
student-waiters to the guests.

Kyung Hee University Dean visits HELP CAT

Prof and Mrs Yun and Dr Lee in a group picture with staff of HELP University and HELP CAT.

HELP CAT hosted a visit by Dr Seong-yi Yun, Dean of the College of Politics and Economics and Professor in the Department of Political science at Kyung Hee University, Korea.

Prof Yun visited HELP CAT to discuss matters of mutual concern to both universities. Kyung Hee University and HELP CAT both operate an active student exchange programme. Accompanying Prof Yun was Dr Lee Jiwon from the Department of International Business and Trade, Kyunghee University. Dr Lee specializes in international marketing; she will deliver a lecture on “Korean Trends” to students of HELP CAT and HELP University this week, focusing on Korean products, contents and services that have made an impact on Korean pop culture.

Prof Seong-yi Yun

Prof Seong-yi Yun

Dr Lee Jiwon

Dr Lee Jiwon