HELP CAT’s 6th Ponggal Celebration

HELP CAT’s 6th Ponggal Celebration


Students from different departments worked together to cook up delicious pots of Pongal

HELP College of Arts and Technology recently (HEL PCAT) celebrated their 6th Ponggal Celebration. The purpose of the celebration is to honour the Thai Ponggal, one of the most important festivals among the Tamil community in Malaysia. It was also part of HELP CAT’s effort to introduce local culture and festivals to its foreign students, as well as foster cultural understanding among the diverse student body.

One of the highlights of the festival at HELP CAT was the preparation and cooking of the Pongal, a traditional sweetened dish of boiled milk and rice, flavoured with brown sugar, raisins and nuts. Multiple clay pots and fireplaces were set up along the Lobby of HELPCAT, and students and lecturers from different races and background gathered together to prepare the Pongal.

The ritual began with the students working together to boil the milk in the new clay pots. As the milk boiled and overflowed, a symbol of prosperity, there were jubilant chants and cries of Ponggal. Afterwards, rice were added into the milk along with sugar and mixed other ingredients. When the Pongal achieved a porridge-like consistency, it was then served and shared among the students who attended.


Chef Lecturer Sham danced to upbeat Tamil tunes with foreign students.


All smiles at the HELP CAT 6th Ponggal Celebration.