HELPCAT celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival 2016

HELPCAT celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival 2016


Colourful decorations and food were displayed to educate students on the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Students and lecturers of HELP College of Arts and Technology (HELPCAT) gathered to celebrate unity and harmony under the brightly lit and colourful lanterns of the Mid-Autumn Festival on September 28, 2016.

The purpose of the event was to serve as a platform for local and foreign students to gather and celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. It was part of HELPCAT’s effort to introduce local cultures and festivals to its foreign students, who were encouraged to mingle with the local students as well as participate in games and activities such as quizzes about the festival and the traditional lighting of lanterns.

The culinary department of HELPCAT had also prepared a variety of local dishes for the guests, and one of the special treats for the evening was the snow skin moon cake, a seasonal dessert that is only available during the mid-autumn season.


Students participating in the lighting of the lanterns one of the cultural activities of the mid autumn festival


Students and lecturers gathered to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival at HELPCAT.

Four short and engrossing Georgian films were also screened later that evening at the short-movie screening ‘Retrospective of the Georgian short movies’ on the Balcony at Level 7. The films were screened on the wall of a building opposite HELPCAT, which served as a make-shift cinema for the students, who were able to watch the movies outdoors while appreciating the beauty of the night.

The four short films were Waiting for Mom (2011), The White Flower and White Butterfly (2013), Crossroad (2012) and One Man Loved Me (2012). One of the guests of honour present that night was Levan Machavariani, Head of Mission of the Embassy of Georgia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


The Department of Culinary Arts presents a mid-autumn seasonal treat – snow skin moon cakes.