HELP CAT Brings French Cuisine To The MALAYSIAN Culinary Science



Chef Razif and Chef Dierdorp with the visiting students from Cergy Pontoise University in Paris, enjoying their time together in HELP CAT.

When Chef Sebastien Le Tacon from Cergy Pontoise University in Paris, France visited HELP College of Arts and Technology (HELP CAT), KL on a culinary and cultural exchange visit, he brought with him a wealth of experience in the preparation of French cuisine and the highlight, a gastronomical experience known as Patrimoine En Bouche.

Sebastien, from the School of Gastronomy in the University, accompanied eight students on an exchange programme with HELP CAT’s Centre of Culinary Entrepreneurship and Hotel Management to “cultivate and encourage cultural and food exchange” between the two institutions.

As part of the cultural and food exchange, both the HELP CAT and Cergy-Portoise students participated in a unique event known as ‘Patrimoine En Bouche’, which showcased the rich cuisine of French flavours.

During the 13 days of this event, which ended with a French Buffet dinner, Sebastien together with Chef Dierdorp, also from the University and the eight culinary and hotel management students featured French food, wine and cheese, educating and exchanging information with the culinary students from HELP CAT.

According to HELP CAT’s Head of Centre, Bonnie Lopez Abdullah, ‘Patrimoine En Bouche’ proved to be an eye-opener as HELP CAT students were exposed to a variety of cheese and wine which was matched  to the prepared French cuisine.

“The event went through several stages of development in the last year and finally we are glad the event finally got off the ground and the gastronomical experience served as a bridge of cultural exchange between the French and Malaysian culinary students during the 13 day event.”

The Buffet Dinner, The highlight of the 13-day event, was also co-hosted with The Malaysian Food and Beverage Executives (MFBEA) and the guests included those from the corporate world as well as members of the public who enjoyed the menu, a culinary joy to savour as the food was a perfect backdrop for the wine and cheese served.

For  the “Patrimon En Bouche dinner, the appetizers and salads was made up of canapes, crudité platter with blue cheese dip, fusion variety tapas, cheese, seafood and vegetarian amuse bouche, mixed salads and dressing.

At the cheese counter, there were cheese platters on display, French Salmon Quinche and for the Sea Harvest, Baked Cod Fish with Pistachio Crust, Moules Mariniere (green back mussels), Grilled herb prawns, Grilled salmon and peach pepper salsa.

For the meat and poultry dishes, mini kebabs with yogurt sauce as well as honey and masala glazed roasted chicken wings, a hit with the guests present at the buffet dinner.

Sebastien was happy the “Patrimoine En Bouche” event was a success,

“France is an international food city and culinary students need to go abroad to learn how to manage a restaurant as well as improve their English speaking skills and the eight students have had a wonderful and educational experience with Malaysian food and hospitality.”

As for the culinary students at HELP CAT, it was “Bon Appetit” as all the guests enjoyed their food and yet another culinary success for HELP CAT.