Launch of Year of the Spanish Language

Launch of Year of the Spanish Language and Spanish Gastronomic Workshop


In furtherance of its aim to strengthen ties with the Embassy of Spain and the Latin-American countries, HELP CAT provided the venue for a Spanish Gastronomic Workshop that culminated in a lunch at the L’Orangerie Restaurant.

The event (organized by the Spanish Embassy through the Instituto Aula Cervantes and HELP CAT) was held to launch the Year of the Spanish Language 2017 – and what better way to do that than to hold a veritable feast featuring classic Spanish paella.

The event was attended by two Ambassadors and three Deputy Heads of Mission from Spain and four Latin American countries.

The chef in attendance was Teresa Delgado, head chef at the Spanish Embassy in Malaysia. She was assisted by Head Chef Lecturer at HELP CAT, Chef Mohammed Razif and his ubiquitous team of Culinary Arts students.


Tables impeccably laid out fit to serve lunch to senior members of the Spanish and Ibero- American diplomatic corps.


Chef Teresa Delgado effuses pride at her seafood paella cooked in the kitchen of L’Orangerie.


The distinguished guests included Mr Enrique Kong (Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Venezuela), Ms Meritxell Parayre (Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Spain and HE Ibete Fernández (Ambassador of Cuba).


Dr Choong Yeow Wei, President of HELP CAT, and Ms Meritxell Parayre pose with the Year of the Spanish Language logo after they had unveiled it.


From left: Enrique Kong, HE Guido Loayza (Ambassador of Peru), Dr Choong, HE Ibete Fernandez, Ms Meritwell Parayre, Ms Mireia Moreno Maillo (Head of Aula Cervantes at HELP CAT), Mr Martin Torres Gutierrez-Rubio (Deputy Head of Mission, Mexican Embassy), Ms Aracelis (HELP CAT Centre for General Subjects and Languages).


A view of L’Orangerie Restaurant with the guests listening intently to Chef Razif’s speech.


Chef Teresa Delgado pins the flag of Spain to confer membership of the Spanish Chefs Association on Chef Razif.


Salmorejo: Salmorejo is from Cordoba, Spain. Similar to pazpacho (a Spanish cold soup), it is served as a starter and contains small cubes of meat, crumbled hard- boiled egg or tuna flakes of the bonito kind with finely sliced fresh onion and green pepper. 


Spanish potato crusted frittata (omelette): thinly sliced, crispy browned potatoes encrust a creamy frittata filled with scrumptious Spanish flavors.


Spanish paella is the epic rice dish from Spain. Real Spanish paella is a dark, rich, smoky creation: denser than a pilaf, drier than a risotto, and arguably more satisfying than both, garnished with chicken, calamares (squid) and prawns.


HE Guido Loayza and Dr Choong help themselves to the paella.


Dessert consisted of local fruits and HELP CAT’s signature product: macarons.


Four for the camera: Dr Choong and his guests from the embassies of Cuba, Peru and Mexico.


Three for the camera: students from the American Degree programme prove that American studies go well with Latin American cuisine.


Service fit for Ambassadors: Culinary Arts student Salem Jabed (Bangladesh) serves macarons to HE Ambassador Guido Loayza of Peru…


while from the vantage point of the kitchen, Chef Teresa smiles with satisfaction at the sight of guests enjoying their meal.