HELP Learning Resource Centre

HELP Learning Resource Centre

  • lib4The HELP CAT Learning Resource Centre is a user-friendly place managed by information professionals and supported by a team of capable staff whose aim is to create and maintain a conducive environment and provide facilities and services in support of learning, teaching and research at HELP College of Arts and Technology. It is situated at Level 7.

    lib1lib3The Library has a collection of over 16,000 text and reference books, periodicals and multimedia, print journals and newspapers. The books are classified according to the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC). All libraries are wireless enable. There are designated PCs with Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) and terminals for internet usage and access to the library collection. The library uses an open source system OpenBiblio, which is an online library system with OPAC, circulation, cataloging and staff administration.

    lib2The Library also provides access to online resources such as subscribed databases, ebooks, and multimedia materials. New resources are continuously introduced as the needs arise. The online resources are accessible from the library website. Other facilities such as scanning and photocopying services are also available in the Library.

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  • HELP CAT Library New Books Arrival (September 2017)

    A reference book for teachers and students in IPTS, on the history of the Malay language, phonetics, spelling system, morphology, writing and understanding.


    For the module on ethnic relations and cultural pluralism in Malaysia.


    This books is written for international students taking the subject Bahasa Kebangsaan B (Bahasa Melayu Khas untuk Pelajar Luar Negara). Simple and effective exercises are prepared at the end of each chapter to test student comprehension.


    For students in public and private higher education institutions, and foreigners employed in Malaysia who wish to learn the Malay language.


    A module for the teaching and learning of the Malay language.

    6Interviewing: Principles and Practices, the most widely used text for the interviewing course, provides the most thorough treatment of the basics of interviewing, including the complex interpersonal communication process, types and uses of questions, and the structuring of interviews from opening to closing.

    This textbook is essential reading for all marketing communications courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels as well as professional courses in Marketing.


    It will teach you what you need to say, how to advertise your services and even how to get paid. It will teach you how to start your first tour, how to get repeat business after you’ve finished it and even what life is really like ‘out there on the road’.

    Written by academics experienced in their respective fields and presented in an easy way to help students follow specific ethnic relations.


    Presents an integrated concepts approach to auditing that details the process from start to finish. The text’s primary objective is to illustrate auditing concepts using practical examples and real-world settings.


    Budgeting text book for 2017.

    12TrendSmart not only reveals the most important business developments, but shows you how to use them to make your business strong and leap ahead of the competition. TrendSmart is the tool every leader, manager and business owner needs to succeed today and in the future.


    Ideal for anyone who needs guidance with writing in the workplace. It covers the basic tools such as plain English, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation and grammar, to preparing and checking your presentation, then how to put it into practice when writing documents such as letters, emails, notes, reports and speeches and many more.


    Practical guide on the newly enacted Companies Act 2016. This book serves as an authoritative text to allow readers to navigate the new corporate landscape. It provides an in-depth analysis and commentary of all the major and significant areas of the new Act.

    15Specifically designed as a reference guide to help tax professionals, accountants and taxpayers to fulfil their tax obligations for the 2016/2017 income year. It also provides information on the goods and services tax, tax incentives, double taxation as well as the tax implications of decisions and transactions that taxpayers may face in 2017.


    ESB 4th Asia-Pacific edition is abundant with insightful real world case studies and opportunities for experiential learning. It provides comprehensive information about small business management and entrepreneurship in Australia, New Zealand, China, India, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong; providing students with a genuinely international perspective.



    Complete and comprehensive tax reference source for both the accounting and legal professional. This 23rd edition is updated with the Finance Act 2017, together with the IRB Public Ruling and practice directions issues in 2016 and 2017.

    18The Map and the Territory is nothing less than an effort to update our forecasting conceptual grid. It integrates the history of economic prediction, the new work of behavioral economists, and the fruits of the author’s own remarkable career to offer a thrillingly lucid and empirically based grounding in what we can know about economic forecasting and what we can’t.