ACCA Lecturer Profile

Ms Stephy Lim

Subject: PM, FM, APM

Stephy Lim is an affiliate of ACCA (UK) with more than 13 years of teaching and training experience in ACCA papers and other professional qualifications in various countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, China Vietnam, Laos and Mongolia.

She has been the visiting instructor for ACCA Management accounting, Performance Management, Financial Management and Advanced Performance Management in more than 16 top universities in China such as Shanghai University of Economics and Finance (SUFE), Guangzhou Jinan University, Xi’an Jiao Tong University (XJTU), Nanjing Audit University (NAU) and many more. Over the years, she managed to produce high exam passing rate and ACCA prizewinners in the Mainland of China.

She is also one of the active speakers and trainers invited by ACCA UK, China, Malaysia and Singapore to be part of the “Train-The-Trainer” program for the respective subjects mentioned. With her dedication and persistence in pursuing higher exam passing rate, she is poised to be an effective instructor in helping the struggling students in getting through their exams.”

Ms Magdalene Chai

CA(M), ACCA, FCCA (Fellow member of ACCA), MSC in Finance (University of Leicester
Subject: AA

Magdalene Chia is an experienced lecturer for the past 14 years after being in the audit and corporate line for more than 10 years. She was a full- time lecturer for SEGI College Kuala Lumpur for a period of 12 years, conducting classes for Diploma, Degree and Professional Courses such as CIMA and ACCA.

She is currently focused on ACCA papers such as Audit and Assurance and the new Strategic Business Leader paper (SBL). She also does the Advanced Audit and Assurance paper (AAA) and the previously Paper Governance, Risk and Ethics (P1). She has produced some prizewinners in the past for ACCA and LCCI as well. Her expertise is to coach students on relevant exam techniques to pass ACCA students as this is KEY to passing exams. She is also a registered OBU Mentor.

She is an FCCA (Fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and an MIA (Malaysian Institute of Accountants) member. She has an affable personality and is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of her students, making her a much-liked lecturer amongst the students.

Paul Yem

MIM Dip in Mgmt, AIA

Subject: FA1, FA2

Paul Yem has extensive corporate experience in both the finance and accounting fields. He began his career as a Financial Analyst cum Accountant with IBM World Trade Corporation and went on to work as Financial Controller for the renowned Ming Court Hotels International followed by Cosmart and later as a General Manager of Finance and IT of MUI Continental Insurance Bhd. Apart from his years of corporate experience, he also ventured into lecturing and has taught various financial and accounting papers. Of specific relevance to this programme is his lecturing experience in CAT FA1 and ACCA FFA.

Yap Wai Wing

ACCA, MIA Affilate

Subject: MA1, MA2, FMA/MA

Yap Wai Wing, an ACCA member and also an MIA member, started his accountancy career practicing as an audit executive. Besides being involved in auditing, he also practices accounting and taxation related services. Being involved in practices, he has developed excellent understanding of auditing techniques, which are helpful in explaining to students the application of technical accounting and auditing standards. He has started tutoring at a young age and is currently lecturing both CAT and ACCA programmes at various institutions. He always makes learning easier by giving practical examples of how various theories from the textbooks can be applied in real life scenario. He always emphasizes on the ʻwhyʼ rather than the ʻwhatʼ in the subject and this has helped many students to avoid mistakes in tricky exam questions. Furthermore, he is a very patient and passionate lecturer. He understands the needs of students willing to take extra time in explanation, provide guidance to those students who are in need.

Tan Siu Mae

BSc (Hons) Economics and Management

Subject: FFA/FA

Tan Siu Mae holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Management from the renowned University of London. She has 20 years of lecturing experience in accounting subjects for Professional and diploma courses plus 10 years of private tutoring experience in Accounting, Economics, and English. With her vast teaching experience, excellent communication skills, approachable and empathetic personality, you will find the learning process to be beneficial and interesting.

Ong Siyu Su


Subject: FTX, TX, ATX

Ong Siyu Su is a very well qualified lecturer. She won the Malaysia Prize Winner Award for excellent grades during her ACCA course. In addition, she had obtained a First Class Honours degree from University of Malaya and completed her MBA where she scored a CGPA of 3.86. As a prize winner herself, she has nurtured Malaysia and World Prize Winners.

She is a dedicated and responsible lecturer with good teaching methods. Her classes normally record a high passing rate. Being an achiever herself, he constantly improves on her teaching skills to produce achievers.

Ng Kian Tuck


Subject: FR, SBR

Ng Kian Tuck has gained experiences in local accounting firms where he developed his skills on accounting standards and training. He further has experience in providing in-house training on related areas. Currently, he is the managing partner of his own accounting firm, and he also serves as a consultant working with other public practices on training, seminars and practice management. He has the passion for sharing his knowledge as such he has engaged himself with colleges and universities to lecture on accounting subjects of ACCA and other professional qualifications.



Subject: SBL, AAA

T.Seelan has been actively involved in teaching auditing since year 1990 for the ACCA examination. He has taught on the P1 paper since its inception. He has taught these papers in Vietnam, Brunei, Rwanda and Uganda, besides Malaysia. These programs have produced excellent feedback. He had regularly produced national award winners for these      subjects in East Africa.

His practical experience in auditing and taxation enables him to empower students to apply the skills and knowledge for practical application in both ACCA exam and working life. He has been conducting ACCA classes in various institutions. Besides that, he is also a regular speaker for CPA Australia and MIA (Malaysian Institute of Accountants) on Malaysia budget as well as various accounting or taxation topics.


Ean Lee


Subject: FAB/AB

Ean Lee is a lecturer and a corporate trainer. She specializes in professional papers especially ACCA Accountant in Business, P3 Business Analysis and P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics and more recently Strategic Business Leadership. She has been teaching P3 in Kuala Lumpur, Cambodia, Kuching as well. Her lecturing journey has anchored her in various diploma, degree, professional programs affiliated with International universities and professional bodies, as well as Malaysian local colleges. She also taught programmes such as ARU, UOL, CAT, ABE and IAM.

In her 18 years of lecturing experiences, she has developed strong determination to nurture students in enriching their interest in management, business strategies, and processes in relation to the realistic work environment. Her lecturing techniques focus on making theories simple in layman terms, emphasizing on understanding rather than memorizing and shares ample real life management and business scenarios with her students. Exam techniques will be aiming at abilities of cognitive applications, critical thinking and writing proficiencies.   

She holds a Master Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from University of Western Sydney and was a Certified Chartered Company Secretary from MAICSA (Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrator). 

Dr Jaspal Kaur

LLB Hons, PhD

Subject: LW

Dr. Jaspal joined HELP in 1996 and is one of the senior members of the teaching faculty at the Department of Law. She specializes in Legal Systems and Law of Information Technology. She teaches on the UK Degree Transfer Programme for Law and the HELP LL.B. She has numerous years of teaching at the postgraduate level (the specialist E-Commerce MBA including Singapore and Hong Kong, the Masters of Information Technology and also taught on the University of Queensland Masters in Applied Law degree programme offered in Singapore). She is a member of the Society of Legal Scholars (SLS), UK and the British and Irish Law Education and Training Association (BILETA), UK. A committed and passionate lecturer, she makes learning law fun and relevant.

Yoong Mun Yen


Subject: FFM, AFM

Yoong Mun Yen is a Fellow Member of the Association of chartered certified Accountants (ACCA) and a graduate of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, ICSA (UK). He started his professional career in London before returning to Malaysia to join a major accountancy firm. With more than 20 years’ experience in lecturing financial papers for several professional bodies including ACCA, CIMA, and ICSA plus his unique studying approach for professional exams, he has produced several prize winners in Financial Management papers in Malaysia. The subjects he lectures are Financial Strategy; Advanced Financial Management; Corporate and Business Finance.