General Subjects and Languages

General Subjects and Languages

The various language courses are designed to cater for local and international students who wish to communicate effectively in different settings and develop their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills depending on their levels of proficiency. The courses are suitable for everyone irrespective of age groups.

These courses allow students to attend classes according to schedules convenient for them. Students can improve themselves in terms of grammar and increase their range of vocabulary to function in different speaking environment. Language teachers who are well-trained, qualified and experienced in their respective languages will incorporate different student-oriented activities to boost confidence among students.

With well-equipped facilities, these courses are able to expose students to the use of language resources. Levels of proficiency will be determined based on language placement test.

As the world advances with technology, we at HELP College of Arts and Technology understand the impact that language creates and how it benefits an individual in excelling in life. If this is not enough for you to take up a new language, here are a few more reasons.

English Course/IELTS