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ARU Engineering Programmes

  • Our college has been offering engineering diploma programmes since 2004. Our programmes are reputed to provide high quality engineering education that allows our graduates to obtain good employment opportunities or/and further their studies in universities in Australia or the United Kingdom.

    With our articulation and collaborative agreements with universities in Australia and the United Kingdom, our graduates gain advanced standing for admissions into either the second or third year of an Engineering Degree programme in these countries.

    HELP CAT Engineering Diploma offers excellent education pathways that lower the total education cost and shorten the study duration for an engineering degree. We invite you to explore the possibilities of studying at HELP CAT and experience a multicultural student lifestyle together with our students from the Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe, Middle East and other countries.

    Programme Name Duration of Study
    Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering 2 years and a 3-month internship
    Diploma in Mechanical Engineering 2 years and a 3-month internship

  • HELP CAT is an innovative and forward-looking college offering a variety of academic and professional programmes, including those in partnership with leading universities and institutions from across the globe. It offers a vibrant and multicultural study experience, with a truly international ambiance.

    Students acquire not only academic and professional training; they are also provided opportunities to develop good character traits, imbibe ethical and moral values, and acquire valuable leadership and teamwork skills through dedicated coursework, projects and participation in a wide variety of clubs, sports and societies.

    Its location in the city centre gives staff and students access to many services and facilities to enhance the teaching-learning experience.

    HELP CAT believes in the simultaneous building of minds and character.

    For a Unique Global Exposure —


    All students who register for the Anglia Ruskin University programmes at HELP CAT will be taken on a two-week all-expense paid visit to the ARU campus in Cambridge to experience British university life. They will attend lectures and seminars, meet ARU faculty members and students and tap their network of international contacts for future benefit.

    HELP CAT Diploma students who enrol for the ARU programmes also qualify for this programme.

    The special free trip to Cambridge is available for undergraduate students only, conditional on their obtaining the necessary travel visas. In case of failure to join the trip, no compensation can be claimed.

    Programme Name Duration of Study
    Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Mechanical Engineering 3 years + 4 months internship