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2 years and a 4-month internship

January 7, April 1, August 19


Level of Study:

Centre for Culinary Entrepreneurship

Course Code:
R/811/4/0023/MQA/FA0296 20/21

About this course

The HELP CAT Department of Hospitality conducts diploma programmes in culinary arts under the Centre for Culinary Entrepreneurship. The Department of Hospitality are also conducting the Diploma in Hotel Management under the Centre for Hotel Management.

In the Diploma in Culinary Arts, students are equipped with a sound foundation in both culinary skills and entrepreneurial know-how. The programme offers students 60% of learning by practice and 40% of management knowledge and skills. Graduates of the Diploma in Culinary Arts will acquire the fundamentals of French and Chinese cuisines, and the management know-how to meet the challenges of careers in the food-related industries.

Study Mode: Full Time

Assessment: Coursework and Examination

Awarding Institution: HELP College of Arts and Technology (HELP CAT)

Programme Details

  • A unique approach to teaching and learning of culinary arts
  • Prepares highly adaptable students for the fast changing trends in the culinary industry
  • High quality kitchen equipment with the latest technology, allowing students to employ the most efficient methods
  • Highly experienced faculty with proven industrial, professional and teaching track records
  • Well-planned training kitchens that promote exploration of cooking techniques, teamwork, commercialism and entrepreneurship
  • Special focus on Chinese and French cuisines as they are the anchors of culinary education
  • 60% practical training and 40% management know-how results in highly capable and employable graduates
  • Small classes for a better learning environment (practical classes 1:12 and theory classes 1:25)

A modular method of teaching and learning is adopted for subjects requiring the acquisition of skills, e.g. preparation of cuisine and pastry, and restaurant and bar operations. For each practical subject, students will learn the techniques in laboratory setting, followed by an opportunity to improve their effectiveness and efficiency before applying them in actual food-service settings in the Centre. This approach is more effective and efficient than the traditional class teaching as it allows for an optimal focus on techniques, sufficient practice on the part of students and immediate feedback from customers.

With a lecturer-student ratio of 1:12 for practical work and 1:25 in theory classes, our lecturers are able to pay close attention to each individual student, giving timely feedback and facilitation in the acquisition and mastery of fundamental knowledge, efficient skills and professional attitudes.

Total Course Fees

RM 45,400

Subject Listing

  • Fundamentals of Culinary Arts (Basic)
  • Pâtisserie 1
  • Restaurant Operations
  • Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism
  • Fundamentals of Culinary Arts (Intermediate)
  • Food Science 1: Food Hygiene/Environment
  • Kitchen Organisation & Management
  • Pâtisserie 2
  • Information Technology for Hospitality & Tourism
  • French Cuisine
  • English for Hospitality & Tourism
  • Business Communication
  • Pengajian Malaysia or Bahasa Kominikasi 2
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurial Behaviour
  • Food Production Management
  • Boulangerie
  • Planning & Managing Food & Beverage Service
  • Services Marketing
  • Financial Accounting for Hospitality & Tourism
  • Chinese Cuisine 1
  • Food Science 2: Nutrition & Diet
  • Menu Planning & Product Development
  • Human Resources Management for Hospitality & Tourism
  • Hospitality & Food Service Law
  • Entrepreneur Planning
  • Chinese Cuisine 2
  • Managerial Accounting for Hospitality & Tourism
  • Comparative Religion
  • Community Services
  • Intership Industrial Training (4 months)


Coursework and Examinations

Entry Requirements

Applicants must have one of the following entry requirements:

  • SPM
    Minimum of 3 credits (with a pass in BM, English and History)

  • O-Levels
    Minimum of 3 credits (with a pass in BM, English and History)

  • UEC
    Minimum of 3 Bs (with a pass in BM, English and History)

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