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  • cervantesInstituto Cervantes de Kuala Lumpur is a resource centre aimed at anyone interested in learning Spanish, the culture of Spain or other Spanish-speaking countries. Instituto Cervantes de Kuala Lumpur was set up and it is run by the Instituto Cervantes in Spain, an institution founded in 1991. It is the largest worldwide Spanish teaching organization, with over 40 branches in four continents.

    Instituto Cervantes de Kuala Lumpur is part of HELP CAT.

  • acervanteslibOur Language Resource Centre offers the students a wide range of self-study material and a language laboratory. Students can borrow books, videos, DVDs, audiotapes, and they can also use the in-house media facilities.

    The Library houses a collection of books, periodicals, magazines, videos, DVDs, audio-tapes, CDs and CD-ROMs specialising in Spanish and Latin American language and culture.

  • Because studying Spanish means more than just knowing the language, we offer a wide range of cultural events which complement our courses: Spanish and Latin American films, festivals, talks, lectures, workshops, exhibitions, dance show and concerts.

  • We offer a variety of courses: regular, intensive and on-line courses as well as corporative training.

    Regular Courses
    General Spanish courses on a regular basis of one or two sessions per week to start or continue a comprehensive study of Spanish.

    Intensive Courses
    For those who want to make the most of the Spanish experience. These courses cover the same programme as regular courses, in a more comprehensive and faster way.

    Corporate Training
    We can develop customized Spanish courses for your company, at any level, whatever the size or sector of your organization. Spanish classes are available at your premises or at ours from Monday to Saturday. Classes may range from once or twice a week to intensive daily programmes with one of our qualified Spanish teachers.

    On-line Courses
    The Virtual Spanish Classroom (AVE) is a learning environment designed by the Instituto Cervantes to take advantage of new technologies in the teaching of Spanish. All that is needed is a computer with Internet access. Students can choose the time, place and pace of study. The course materials include authentic samples of language in use, multimedia resources and interactive exercises.

    • The teaching programme for general language courses is structured in the following levels:

      - A1 Beginner (90 hours and subdivided into three 30-hour courses)

      - A2 Advanced Beginner (120 hours and subdivided into four 30-hour courses)

      - B1 Intermediate (150 hours and subdivided into five 30-hour courses)

      - B2 Advanced (150 hours and subdivided into five 30-hour courses).

      At the end of each level students can sit an exam for the corresponding certificate, which is valid in any of the Instituto Cervantes worldwide.

      A1 Beginner and A2 Advanced Beginner Level
      Students speak Spanish from the first day in order to learn to express opinions, feelings and needs in a simple way. They will be able to read brief letters and texts related to daily life, and also to write simple texts and notes.

      B1 Intermediate Level
      Students acquire conversational skills on familiar matters, and will be able to use communicative strategies to maintain conversations related to past and future events. They will be able to read general and simple literary texts, and also to write letters and essays on general aspects of daily life.

      B2 Advanced Level
      Students will be able to debate points of view, put forward arguments and learn to write using idioms, expressions and other stylistic resources which allow creative use of the language. They will have no difficulty in reading contemporary Spanish and Latin American literature.

      Certificates and Diplomas
      In addition to the four Level Certificates, the Instituto Cervantes de Kuala Lumpur organizes the examinations for the D.E.L.E. (Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language). The examinations are held twice a year: May and November. Please contact us for details (

    • A1 Beginner

      (90 hours)

      A2 Advanced Beginner

      (120 hours)A1
      (90 hours)A1.1
      (30 hours)A1.2
      (30 hours)A1.3
      (30 hours)A2
      (60 hours)A2.1
      (30 hours)A2.2
      (30 hours)A2.3
      (30 hours)A2.4
      (30 hours)Intermediate and Advanced

      (300 hours)B1
      (150 hours)B1.1
      (30 hours)B1.2
      (30 hours)B1.3
      (30 hours)B1.4
      (30 hours)B1.5
      (30 hours)B2
      (150 hours)B2.1
      (30 hours)B2.2
      (30 hours)B2.3
      (30 hours)B2.4
      (30 hours)B2.5
      (30 hours)Advanced C
      (360 hours)C1
      (180 hours)C1.1
      (30 hours)C1.2
      (30 hours)C1.3
      (30 hours)C1.4
      (30 hours)C1.5
      (30 hours)C1.6
      (30 hours)C2
      (180 hours)C2.1
      (30 hours)C2.2
      (30 hours)C2.3
      (30 hours)C2.4
      (30 hours)C2.5
      (30 hours)C2.6
      (30 hours)

    •  Day(s)  Time Course Level
      Once a week  – Ten-week course (30 hours)
      Saturday 10:00 – 13:00 A1, A2, B1, B2
      Saturday 14:00 – 17:00 A1, A2, B1, B2
      Twice a week – Seven-week course (30 hours)
      Monday & Wednesday  10:30 – 12:30 A1, A2, B1, B2
      Twice a week – Ten-week course (30 hours)
      Monday & Wednesday  10:30 – 12:30 A1, A2, B1, B2
      Tuesday & Thursday  10:30 – 12:30 A1, A2, B1, B2
      Four times a week – Two-week course (30 hours)
      Tuesday to Friday 10:30 – 12:30 A1, A2, B1, B2
      Tuesday to Friday 18:30 – 20:30 A1, A2, B1, B2

    • AVESpanish Virtual Classroom courses mirror the four levels of the Instituto Cervantes curriculum: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Proficiency. Each level requires between 120 and 150 hours´ work. On completing Proficiency Level, students should have acquired the communicative abilities of native speakers of Spanish. Each level is divided in 4 courses and it takes 3 months to finish one course.

      The AVE courses can be completed in 3 different ways:

      • Attendance: the course materials can be used as the basis of the curricular programme and as preparation, support, practice or revision material on attendance courses.
      • Semi-attendance: it blends the courses´ flexibility in timetable and pace planning with the advantages of attending class in person. The number of hours and the frequency of class attendance can be adapted to the needs and circumstances of students and centres (from one class a month to one per week).
      • Distance: students can even learn Spanish without having to attend class in person. They still participate actively, working together with group companions, and receive their tutor’s assessment and support.

      If you want to see a general, eight minutes course sample, without downloading the auxiliary programmes or you want to know your level you can take a placement test on the following page (the information is available in English).

    • The Instituto Cervantes de Kuala Lumpur organizes the examinations for the D.E.L.E. (Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language).

      The DELEs (Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera) are official qualifications which certify the level of competence and proficiency in using the Spanish language. They are awarded by the Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education.

      • A1 Breakthrough Level
        Certifies the sufficient knowledge of the language to be able to cope with simple communicative situations related to basic phrases aimed at the satisfaction of needs of a concrete type or to familiar everyday topics.
      • A2 Waystage Level
        Certifies the sufficient knowledge of the language to be able to understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance (very basic personal and family information, shopping, places of interest, etc).
      • B1 Threshold Level
        Certifies sufficient proficiency to cope with a range of situations requiring elementary use of the language.
      • B2 Vantage Level
        Certifies sufficient proficiency to communicate in everyday situations which do not require a specialized knowledge of the Spanish language.
      • C1 Effective Operational Proficiency Level
        Certifies sufficient proficiency to use the structures of a language with ease and fluency. Users are able to adapt their language use to a variety of social situations, and express opinions and take part in discussions and arguments in a culturally acceptable way.
      • C2 Mastery Level
        Certifies sufficient proficiency to communicate in situations requiring advanced use of Spanish and an understanding of Spanish culture.

      Examination Dates
      May, August and November

      Examination Centres
      Kuala Lumpur – HELP College of Arts and Technology
      Penang – Universiti Sains Malaysia
      Kota Kinabalu – Universiti Sabah Malaysia

      For further information

      Preparatory Course for the DELE
      This on-line course intends to prepare candidates for the DELE exams, B1 and B2 Levels. Its design is based on the examination structure and comprises of the same parts of the exam itself.

      In this course you will find: useful tips for the exam, practice for all papers, models of written compositions and videos that contain exams simulated by candidates for the oral section.

      It takes approximately 15-20 hours to complete it and has more than 140 activities that will help candidates to know the different sections of the exam.

      For further information on these courses, please contact Aula Cervantes de Kuala Lumpur or visit

    • Teacher Training Courses
      We provide short courses for Teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language. The main areas of study are Spanish language teaching methodology, language development and lesson planning. Our courses are flexible and reflect as far as possible the needs of the participants. Instituto Cervantes offers online courses. For further information visit

  • dele_2019_instituto_cervantes_es_1500

    Diplomas of Spanish as Foreign Language/Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera  (DELE)

    What is DELE?

    Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE) are official titles certifying degree of competence and mastery of the Spanish language, granted by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain. The DELE test is developed and organized by Instituto Cervantes.

    Why choose DELE?

    DELE is a prestigious and internationally recognized qualification, proving an appropriate level of competence in Spanish. DELE examinations are complementary certifications to the programs of compulsory education in foreign languages in many countries and institutions, and they are also instrumental in aiding personal promotion in all academic areas and the professional marketplace.

    Registration for DELE 2019

    DELE Exam and Enrolment Dates for 2019 

    May Friday May 24th, 2019 (DELE for Young learners A1, A2/B1) March 27th, 2019
    Saturday May 25th, 2019 (DELE for Adults: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 ,C2)
    November Friday November 22nd, 2019 (DELE for Young learners A1, A2, B1) October 9th, 2019
    Saturday November 23rd, 2019 (DELE for Adults: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 ,C2)

    Inquiry on DELE Exams and Enrollment:

    DELE Registration

    In order to register for DELE exams, the following 3 documents need to be sent to:

    1. Application Form


    Download from:

    1. ID/passport photocopy which contains a photo and the following information: identity, nationality, place and date of birth. These details must correspond with the information given on the Registration Form.
    1. Proof of payment. (Bank slip)

    Fund transfer/direct deposit to: RHB BANK (Instituto Cervantes)

    Account number: 2-14165-0001685-8

    2019 Fees

    A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 Currency
    A1 Young learners A2/B1 Young learners
    265 295 330 410 480 500 Ringgit

    Inquiry on DELE Exam Preparation Courses:

  • If you have no knowledge of Spanish
    Choose any of our 30 hours course.

    If you have studied Spanish before
    You will have to take a placement test.

    We recommend you visit Instituto Cervantes in person. Please make an appointment for your one hour test. To make an appointment, please call +603-27882000 ext. 2193.

    JANUARY INTAKE:  19th January – 30th March 2019


    • Beginner (A.1.1, A1.2, A1.3)
    • Advanced Beginner (A2.1, A2.2)
    • Intermediate (B1.1)
    • Advance Intermediate (B2.1 and B2.2)
    • Kids and Teenagers


    Saturdays 19th January – 30th March 2019
    1 day a week, 3 hours class
    Course duration: 30 hours
    Option A: 10:00 am – 13:00 pm
    Option B: 14:00 pm – 17:00 pm
    Weekdays 22nd January – 28th February 2019
    2 days a week, 2.5 hours class
    Course duration: 30 hours
    (Tuesdays & Thursdays)
    Option C: 18:00 pm – 20:30 pm


    Payment of Fees

    It is required to pay the (A) Lecture Fees & Material Fees and (B) Textbooks (compulsory, according to level).


    Level Lecture Fees (RM) Text Book
    Spanish Level A1 – A2 800 170.00
    Spanish Level B1 820 170.00
    Spanish Level B2 835 170.00


    – Spanish Library access for our students

    – Cultural activities related to cultures of the Spanish-speaking countries

    Enrollment procedures

    • Once your level has been established or if you are a beginner, you can enroll either in person at our office or by filling in the registration form and sending it to us with the appropriate payment.
    • Checks should be made payable to HELP College of Arts and Technology Sdn Bhd.
    • Enrollment is automatic once payment and the application form have been received. Students will be notified in advance if a course has been cancelled.
    • We regret that we cannot accept payment of fees by installments.


    Cancellations and refunds

    • Students are kindly requested to consider their personal commitments and circumstances as we regret that no fees are refundable under any circumstances once the course has started. No partial refund can be granted for classes not attended and no postponement can be allowed.
    • Cancellations must be made in writing, enclosing the receipt, at least one day before the beginning of the course and are subject to a 10% charge of the total course fee.
    • The Instituto Cervantes reserves the right to cancel a course due to insufficient numbers of students or unforeseen circumstances, in which case a full refund will be made.

  • 1ª edición del Curso de formación inicial de profesores de español como lengua extranjera (ELE).

    Este curso está dirigido a interesados en iniciarse profesionalmente en la enseñanza de español, o bien a profesores con experiencia que no cuentan con formación específica. Los participantes podrán dotarse de los conocimientos, habilidades, técnicas e instrumentos básicos necesarios para comenzar a desempeñar satisfactoriamente la actividad docente, con una orientación eminentemente práctica.


    DURACIÓN: el curso tendrá una duración total de 64 horas, dividido en tres módulos presenciales. Los tres módulos cuentan con un certificado de Instituto Cervantes, una vez se superen las tareas de evaluación y se asista a un 80% de las clases.

    PRE-INSCRIPCIÓN: el periodo de pre-inscripción de los módulos se abrirá el 22 de febrero de 2018. Rogamos a los interesados que nos remitan un breve CV y el formulario de inscripción completo (adjunto) a .



    PRECIO: el curso tiene un precio total de 2.200 RM, incluyendo la certificación.


    Silvia López López

    Licenciada en Filología (Universidad de Zaragoza) con Máster en Formación de profesores de ELE y Máster en Investigación en Didáctica de la Lengua y la Literatura (ambos en la Universidad de Barcelona). Profesora de ELE y formadora de profesores en diversos contextos educativos y países (EE. UU., Alemania, Serbia, Chipre, Argelia, y Corea del Sur). Actualmente es responsable del Aula Cervantes de Kuala Lumpur. Ha investigado acerca de herramientas de orientación y el uso de portafolios para profesores en la formación inicial. Sus intereses son el desarrollo de las competencias docentes en estadios iniciales, la aplicación de las TIC en el ámbito educativo y las dinámicas de funcionamiento y empoderamiento de las comunidades de práctica de profesores.


    El curso se realiza todos los viernes en sesiones de 18:00 a 21:00 (4 horas para cada sesión), para que profesores que estén en activo puedan también acudir a las sesiones. En verde están marcadas las sesiones del curso. En el caso de no poder estar presente en alguna de las sesiones, se encuentran previstas actividades de recuperación.


    No duden con contactar con para cualquier detalle relacionado con el mismo.