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Chew Yi Wei

“I am a national athlete and an athlete for more than 10 years, that believes in creating opportunities with patience. 



  • Programme: Diploma in Computer Science
  • National  Athlete (Diving) representing Malaysia
  • High School:
    Sekolah Sukan Bukit Jalil 2008-2009 2011-2012
    Sekolah Tengku Ampuan Rahimah 2010


  • 2019 Canada Grandprix (Bronze)
  • 2018 Asian Games (Bronze)
  • 2018 Germany Grandprix (Bronze)
  • Represented Malaysia and in the Asian and SEA Games
  • Recipient of HELP CAT Sport Scholarship from 
What is your most memorable medal and why?
“Asian Games 2018, this medal is the most memorable because up to the championship, I face a lot of pressure from rivals, people that do not believe in my capability, judgement and sceptical opinion from all higher ups or related people in the industry that my new training is flawed, but I push through and acheive what haven’t been done for the past 16 years. “
Who would you thank for your achievements?
“My family, my teammates, all the coach that have coach me, the organisations from selangor that gave me the opportunity, the organisations from the national department that provide what I need, and the future people that willingly to help me to achieve and strive. “
What is one piece of advise you would give people who want to follow in your steps? 
“Do not be afraid to prepare yourself and keep grinding. Opportunity is only worth it only when you have the ability to grab it. One opportunity grabbed is better than 10 opportunities watsed. “

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