The Amplify to Magnify event inspiring students at HELP CAT

The Amplify to Magnify event inspiring students at HELP CAT


Dr Choong shares his experiences and imparts some advice to the audience of students.

The Warren Business Club from the American Degree Program at HELP CAT recently organized a series of talks from four experienced and influential speakers in the business industry. The event, Amplify to Magnify, was held to inspire the younger generation to amplify and magnify their abilities and potential to the world by being confident to do something greater than themselves. It managed to give the audience a first-person perspective of the business world through the personal experiences shared by the four speakers.

“We want you to open up your mind, to think about bigger things. Not just doing the conventional things,” said Dr Choong Yeow Wei, the President and CEO of HELP CAT, during his opening remark. “There are so many things that you can create by yourself. And especially so because you are living in a generation empowered by the Internet.”

The students were left inspired through the challenges and successes that the four speakers shared with them in this event. The Warren Business Club hopes that it would motivate their fellow peers to dream big and reach their full potential. By hearing from the four speakers, the student will be able to pursue the new ideas and knowledge that they learned from them.


Speakers, Anne Tham and Chin Ren Yi giving their talk to the audience at HELP CAT.


Dan Khoo and Nigel Sparks sharing their experiences on how they built their careers.

About the speakers

Anne Tham is an education reformist, founder and group CEO of ACE EdVenture. With almost 30 years in education, Anne and her team at ACE EdVenture are paving the way for the future of education. During her time teaching at KDU College and Taylor’s College, she observed that majority of secondary school leavers lacked the fundamental critical thinking skills that was needed to meet the demands of the workplace. Determined to make a difference, she came up with the idea to provide school students with essential learning foundations through her programme at ACE EdVenture.

Chin Ren Yi is an entrepreneur known for starting myBurgerLab with his friends, Cheah Chang Ming and Teoh Wee Kiat. He did not expect to start a burger craze but photos of their signature charcoal burger bun were seen all over social media and their burger joint became widely known throughout Klang Valley. At the very core, myBurgerLab is a community business and their organisation has made a tremendous effort in giving back to the community.

Dan Khoo is a prominent YouTuber and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Dan Khoo Productions, a renowned YouTube channel where he publishes his work and showcases his talents for acting, producing and directing films. He and some other local YouTubers contributed to the “YouTube Boom” of Malaysia, a period which marked the emergence of locally produced YouTube entertainment.

Nigel Sparks is an entrepreneur and owner of The Cap City, the first headwear specialty store in Malaysia. Nigel was a young aspiring rapper and club emcee in the early stages of his career. He now owns four stores of The Cap City, of which three are based in Malaysia. Nigel is also a cap collector and started the brand to cater to the market of other authentic cap collectors in Malaysia.